Las Vegas Humor Event

Power House Pros — A Humor Specialty Club
Featured Speaker:  S Frank Stringham
Presenting:  To Wit — Or How To Think Quick on Your Feet
Monday, October 15, at 6:15 pm.
Location:  Pololu Robotics and Electronics, 920 Pilot Road, Las Vegas.

Have you ever wanted to respond to something someone said, but just couldn’t think of it fast enough?  Have you heard someone say something witty, at the right place, at the right time, and wished that you could do the same thing?  Would you like to use your cleverness and your wit to become a better, and more respected, leader, friend, spouse, parent, partner? You CAN learn how to be witty.
S Frank Stringham is a professional speaker, entertainer, and the Musical Director of the Las Vegas Improvisation Players.  He was featured on the Season One opening show of America’s Got Talent.
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