What Makes YOU Laugh?

In our joke contest for October there were common themes mentioned in What Makes You Laugh:

Authority Figures
Taking Self Lightly
Embarrassing Moments
Funny People
Slapstick Moments

The question is what makes YOU laugh?  And then when the going gets tough, it’s important that you remember the answer to that question and to bring those things into your life.  Especially when life is dealing you lemons, avoid toxic people and situations.  Do something on purpose to bring some laugh starters into your day.  What works for you may be different than what makes someone else laugh.

  – Take a coffee break with a friend who makes you laugh.
  – Play with a kitten.
  – Read a chapter in a book by a favorite humorist.
  – See a comedy at the movies.
  – Tell a friend about one of your embarassing moments.

Or play with a child.  Don’t have one?  Volunteer to baby sit for a friend.  Your friend can go to a movie and you can spend the evening laughing with a three-year-old.  You both win.

Make a list that works for you.  Think of these as mini-vacation starters.  And the next time you’re under stress, break the pattern by adding to your life What Makes You Laugh!