A Humor Specialty Club

Power House Pros is a Humor Specialty Toastmasters Club where an ordinary meeting is an extra-ordinary meeting.  The goal of the club is to help people add humor to their presentations. 

To create a humor-specialty club, you need to tap into the expertise of local humor experts.  We’re lucky to live in Las Vegas, the home of many talented performers.  Here are some of the programs we have featured in the last three months of 2012.

  – Humor Advice for My Younger Self by Dawn Elizabeth
  – To Wit–How to Think Quick on Your Feet by S Frank Stringham
  – A Square Yard of Humor by Al Jensen
  – Anatomy of a Humorous Speech by John Kinde
  – Be a Clown by Mary Coon
  – Learn Humor the Hard Way by Ryan Mulligan
  – How to Write and Deliver a Tall Tale by Linda Evans
  – The Roast of Ryan Mulligan
  – Six Observational Humor sessions
  – Exciting club-member speeches, table topics, and evaluations
  – Loads of laughter

And in the first three monthsof 2013 we will have the following programs:
  – From Standup to Standout by George Gilbert
  – Humor and Authenticity by Eric Culverson
  – Humor Tips from 40 Years of Toastmasters by Bobby Williams
  – Public Speaking Tips from the World of Stand-Up Comedy by Scott Pritchard
  – Use of Characters and Voices in Your Speech by JD Smith
  – Improve Your Speaking With Improv Comedy Skills by the Las Vegas Improvisation Players
  – Encore Presentations on New Topics by those who have already presented
  – And exciting new presenters

People can become a funnier speaker by attending Power House Pros.  Our expert, humor presenters include a trophy winner from the International Competition stage, Regional trophy winners, District Winners and two Accredited Speakers.  It’s a great opportunity if you live in Las Vegas.  If you live elsewhere, you can start your own humor specialty club.   

If you’re visiting Las Vegas, our next meeting is on Monday, January 7, 2013.  The program is “From Stand-up to Stand Out” featuring George Gilbert, Accredited Speaker.  Learn the lessons George discovered growing up in a show-business family.  George will show you how to put humor in your presentations.  You’ll find value in this program:  Educational, inspirational and entertaining.  Monday evening, January 7.

How to Add Humor to a club meeting.

Add Observational Humor to a club meeting.