New Joke Contest — Creative Business

This month’s contest is Creative Business.  It involves finding strange business combinations, putting them under one roof, and then finding a name for the new business.

Here are some techniques which make it easier to create funny connections.


An actual business:  This technique requires you to be observant as you go about your daily routine.  Years ago, I saw a sign hanging in the window of a business.  It read: Lawn Mower Repair and Taxes.  It gave me everything I needed to create a punchline, the name of the business.

Services Offered:  Taxes and Lawn Mower Repair
New Business Name:  No Mow Taxes


Premise:  This technique was illustrated in Allen Klein’s recent newsletter The Mid-Month Mirth Memo (  It uses a PREMISE as a vehicle for producing humor lines.  Allen had a series of jokes based on the premise of  “a Starbucks in a funeral home.”  Using the premise technique it becomes easier to complete the joke by writing funny business names.

Services Offered:  Starbucks in a funeral home.
New Business Name:  The Grim Roaster


Twist On an Existing Name:  This technique puts the creative process in reverse.  It starts with finding a well-known existing business.  You then twist the name to come up with a new business.  And then you look for the business services offered by the new company.  You essentially are coming in the back door with the punchline created first (new company name) and then searching for the set-up (services offered).

Services:  Pet neutering.  Tire rotating.  Grilled cheese sandwiches.
New Business Name:  Spay Mart

Services:  Skin Care and Plant nursery.
New Business Name:  Palmolive Garden

Services Offered:  Church and Convenience Store
New Business Name:  Heaven Eleven

Services Offered:  Consignment store and pharmacy
New Business Name:  Good Pill Store

Your challenge is to write as many funny lines as you can.  The select your best three lines an submit them to by December 15, 2012.  You may submit more than three lines.  The extra lines will be considered for Honorable Mention.