New Joke Contest — Haiku

Our contest theme for January is a change-of-pace.  It was suggested by Kaye Newton, Raymond Terrace, Australia.  Haiku is a short-form Japanese poem.  It has more complexity and nuance than we’re going to honor here, our apologies to any Haiku masters reading this. 

For the purposes of our contest, we’re going to define it as a three line (three phrase) poem of a set number of syllables (beats) per line.
   Line one:  Five syllables.
   Line two:  Seven syllables.
   Line three:  Five syllables.
   Hence, a total of 17 syllables.

Kaye provided a sample Haiku (non-humorous)

by Soli Deo Gloria (Oklahoma)

Cold wind of autumn
Spitting rain and blowing leaves –
How good is hot tea.

So…here’s what we’re looking for:
  – Three lines
  – A syllable pattern of 5-7-5
  – A humorous twist on the last line

  – And before you submit it, title your poem.

Here’s my effort at Haiku writing:

A Bad Day

For Eve or a geek
What will ruin a good day
Is one bad apple

A Day Brightener

We cleanse when we laugh
Laughing is like detergent
It’s cheer for the soul

We may not produce anything that would win a true Haiku contest, but we’ll have fun playing with humor.  It’s good practice with word choice and rhythm.  And if we’re lucky, our effort may result in a smile.

Try to write at least one Haiku.  More if possible.  Your first three submissions will be eligible for Top Three Recognition by our judges.  Additional entries will be eligible for Honorable Mention.  Select your top three lines and send your submissions by January 15, 2013 to our contest address at:

New Joke Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).