New Year’s Humor Resolutions

Our readers are serious about humor.  They are motivated to add humor to their daily routine and to have more fun in life.  As we enter a new year, many of us reflect on goals and resolutions which will take our humor skills to a higher level.  I’ve listed some possible humor resolutions which might work for you.  Pick one or two of these ideas to add to your resolutions for 2013.  Or make up one of your own.  Building skills in humor is like skill building in most other areas.  Skills are acquired and strengthened by things you do on purpose to build those skills.  So as you set your goals for the coming year, remember to add some self-development targets in the area of humor:

 – In every speech you give, include one funny story or relevant joke somewhere in the talk.
 – Search and order at least one book on humor skills, or one book which you find funny, or one recording or video with a focus on humor that works for you.
 – At least once each week, go to breakfast, lunch, or dinner with someone who makes you laugh.
 – Open each speech with one Observational Humor line.
 – Enter the Humor Power Tips joke contest every month.
 – Join a Toastmasters club, if you’re not already a member.
 – Join an improv troupe.  It’s fun and challenging.  It’s like going to the humor gym to workout and strengthen your skills.
 – Once a month, play games with a child.  You don’t have a child?  Borrow one!  Volunteer to be a babysitter for a friend.  You’ll watch their child for a few hours if they’ll spend the afternoon going to a funny movie.  It’s a win-win trade.  Each of you will get a break from the daily routine and you’ll both add a little humor to you life.