Observational Humor — Case Study #93

Here’s another Observational Humor monologue presented at the end of a meeting.  You probably were not at this  meeting.  Remember that with Observational Humor “you had to be there.” The jokes are provided as examples only, not to make YOU laugh.  However, the principles can be applied to any type of meeting you may be attending or type of speech you are delivering.

We will review the set-up.  Then we will look at the joke.  Next we will look at what makes the joke tick.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting, before the monologue was presented.)

1.  The General Evaluator (who evaluates all aspects of the meeting) said,  “I’ll be evaluating the meeting as a whole.”

2.  Bobby suggested that Guest Loren attended tonight’s meeting because I bought him dinner.

3. Bill was our Ah Counter for the evening.  He reported that Bobby used eight ahs, but was so subtle with it that he almost didn’t notice them.  He also said that so few people used ahs, that if we spread out Bobby’s ahs among the other speakers, as a group, we all did well.

4.  A speaker said that people listen to a person who uses humor.  He also mentioned that people also listen for other reasons, suggesting that Hitler found an audience and wasn’t funny.

5.  Speaker Ben said that his daughter looks like him.

6.  Scott para-phrased the song lyric, “I’m not heavy…I’m your brother.”

7.  Bobby presented a humorous speech and received lots of laughs.

8.  A speaker said that if you use lots of humor when you speak, you’re likely to get paid to speak.


(Speaking as if shouting into a deep hole which has an echo)
“The meeting was very good…good…good.”
“I’m evaluating the meeting as a hole…hole…hole.”
(Playing with sound-alike words WHOLE/HOLE and the cliche, “I’m evaluating the meeting as a whole.”  Silly as it is, it turned out to be an excellent opening.)

I have a correction for something that Bobby said.  He indicated that Loren came tonight only because I bought him dinner.  The truth is I came tonight because Loren bought ME dinner.
(Flipped a statement 180 degrees.  It easily came to me, we had just come from dinner and Loren paid.  Although I would have attended the meeting either way.)

My Ahs are so subtle, even Bill didn’t notice.
(Since Bill didn’t report any Ahs from me, I felt this was a good, humorous explanation why.)

Next week, we will have a big crowd…Our humor expert will be Adolph Hitler.
(A call back and an absurd statement.  Good laugh.)

I was shopping at WalMart and ran into Ben’s daughter.  I recognized her because of her beard.
(Creates a funny picture.  Plays with absurdity.)

I attended Scott’s comedy show two weeks ago.  And I have this to say…Scott is heavy.
(A good call back.  And plays with the truth…Scott is a big guy.)

By spreading the laughs from Bobby’s speech over the whole meeting…we had a funny meeting.
(A re-visit of the suggestion “spread the ahs over all the speakers.”)

That will be $50 please.
(A good closer.)