New Joke Contest — Limericks

The March contest is Current Limericks. Sol Morrison from Santa Barbara said “Let’s do limericks.” And we agree. Your challenge this month is to write a limerick poem. Of course the idea is to make it funny. The theme of the limericks will be Current Events. Each limerick should be about something happening in today’s news headlines.

New Joke Contests are announced at the start of the month. The next contest will be announced April 1 (no fooling). 

Here’s a brief description of a limerick. If you want more information visit Wikipedia.

Line one:    LONG    ta ta tum ta ta tum ta ta    Rhyme A

Line two:    LONG    ta ta tum ta ta tum ta ta     Rhyme A

Line three:    SHORT   ta ta tum ta ta      Rhyme B

Line four:    SHORT    ta ta tum ta ta     Rhyme B

Line five:    LONG    ta ta tum ta ta tum ta ta      Rhyme A 

Your limerick will need to match the rhyme pattern AABBA. The cadence and rhythm of your poem should be close. Here are three examples:


The country is waist deep in debt

But there really is no need to sweat

Borrow more for today

We can go out and play

On Congress we’ll trust our big bet


If you truly want to win more

It depends on the final score

March Madness is here

If you’re drinking beer

Good judgment you may just ignore.


Internet I gave it a whirl

But dating just made my head swirl

I splashed on some Brut

And thought she’d be cute

 Then met an imaginary girl

Try to write three limericks. They don’t have to be perfect, but do the best you can. The value is in the experience of writing them. The best thing to do is write a limerick and then let it sit for a day. Revisit the poem and edit it. Writing gets better by the process of rewriting.

Pick any current events topic.  You can write on the same topics as the examples provided above, or select one from the dozens (hundreds) of news headlines we’ve seen in the past month.

Select your best poem and submit it. If you have three poems you’re proud of, submit all of them by sending them to us at by March 15, 2013.