Contest Results — Games to Play

Here are the results of April’s contest as picked by our panel of judges.  The theme for the contest was:  Games To Play in Prison.

The challenge was to make up games (which are not real), based on actual games which do exist.  The original games can be board games, TV games, reality games, carnival games, sport games, etc.  The new games should fit the prison theme.

New Joke Contests are announced at the start of the month.  The next contest will be announced on May 1.

Here are the top entries for this month:


Whack a Mole – Reality Version
     Nancy Lininger, Camarillo, California


Last Convict Standing
     Gerald Fleischmann, Fountain Valley, California


Who Wants to Fleece a Millionaire
     Tom Nee, Oak Lawn, Illinois

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – Straight-Jacket Twister
  – I Used to Have a Secret
  – I survived a San Quentin game show
  – Four Years to Win It
  – In the Clink You Can Dance
  – Mame That Goon

  – Meal or No Meal
  – Our Cell’s Got Talent
  – What’s My Fine?
  – Brig Bother
  – Candid Security Camera

  – Farewell The Truth
  – Dancing With the Scars
  – IOU Money Drop
  – The Price is Out of Sight
  – Truth Nor Consequences

  – Forgot the Lyrics
  – Scream for a Day
  – Fear Factory
  – Sure Raids
  – Concentration Camp

  – Family Food Fight
  – Sheets and Ladders
  – Hide and Hide
  – Wheel of Misfortune
  – Game of Lifer

  – Convictionary
  – Prisonopoly
  – Prison Hold ‘Em
  – The Apprentice Accomplice
  – So You ThinkYou Can Scam?

  – Whose Alibi is it Anyway?
  – SafeBusters
  – Without a Fingerprint Trace
  – Solitaire Confinement
  – Texas Hold-’em Up

  – Not Guilty due to Crazy Eights
  – What’s My Alibi?
  – Big House
  – Five Card Fast Draw
  – Go Fish — or Sleep With ‘Em

  – Monoplea
  – You Are the Weakest Link
  – The Sentence is Right
  – Press your Lock
  – You Bet Your Life Sentence

  – Not so Trivial Robbery Pursuit
  – Fantasy Island — Alcatraz
  – Are You Smarter Than a Rookie Cop?
  – The Ponzi Pyramid
  – Truth or Incarceration

  – Criminal Mastermind
  – Connect Four Years to Your Sentence
  – America’s Got Safe-Cracking Talent
  – You Bet Your Life Without Parole
  – Whose Lineup Is It Anyway?

  – Project Runaway
  – The Amazing Conjugal Visit
  – America’s Got Alibis
  – Celebrity Hunger Strikes
  – Bowling for Early Release

  – The eXit Factor
  – Beat the Alarm System
  – Show Me The Bail Bond
  – The Solitary Life
  – Shoots and Splatters

  – Frisk
  – Texas Hold’em and Cuff’em
  – Better Believe I’m Sorry!
  – Tiddly Finks
  – Clueless