The Power of Poking Fun at Yourself

     Fourteen-Year-Old Jack Carroll has Cerebral Palsy.  He does stand-up comedy with a good dose of poking fun at himself, on Britain’s Got Talent.  He’s a huge hit.  I’ll give you an overview of the structure of his routine, hopefully not telegraphing the punchlines.
     His first joke connects before the act begins.  He jokes when asked “tell me a little bit more about you.”
   1.  He does a Harry Potter joke, based on his appearance.
   2.  He plays with a phrase which has a double meaning:  “can’t stand.”
   3.  Jokes about QUEUING at Disney Land.  QUEUE is British for standing in line.
   4.  He pokes fun at his disability benefits.
   5.  Uses a topper referring to “a pool”.
   6.  A James Bond joke referring to a LIFT which is British for elevator.
   7.  A great closer giving the final punchline to his sister.
     Most jokes are based on some form of self-deprecation.  His connection with the audience is very strong…a difficult task for a two-minute comedy set.  Timely references, good pacing, lightly pokes fun at his condition.  He’s a young man with a bright future.
     Click here to view the video.