Contest — The Comedian at Work

Our June joke contest features the theme:  If your Co-Worker was a Comedian.  We’re not looking for generic workplace jokes for generic comedians.  The challenge is to write a funny workplace line which would fit a specific comedian.  Pick a real comedian (man or woman), and then based on that comedian’s personality, attitude, perspective, point of view, or style, what would be a comment that he/she might make about the workplace. 

You are free to put the comedian in any work environment.  It doesn’t have to be where you work, although that’s a good exercise.  You DO need a specific work environment for the joke to be at its best.  Here is the format:
(Comedian’s name) is working in (type of job) and (punch line–Something they COULD say that would fit the work environment AND the comedian’s  style and personality.)

New Joke Contests are announced at the start of each month.  The next contest will be announced July 1.

Here are four examples on this month’s theme:

  – Henny Youngman, in a school:  “Working here isn’t all that bad.  Take my Superintendent…please.”
  – Rodney Dangerfield, in a hospital:  “Yesterday, the Doctor asked me to get him a cup of coffee.  I can’t get no respect.”
  – Jeff Foxworthy, in an office:  “If you spend most of your day sharing gossip around the water cooler…you might be a redneck.”
  – Mae West, as a prison inmate: “Why don’t you come up and free me sometime.”

Write as many lines as you can, then pick your best three lines to submit for Top Three recognition.  You can submit additional lines for Honorable Mention consideration.  Submit your entries to, by June 15, 2013.