New Joke Contest — IQ Pressure Points

I heard a joke last month.  It went something like…Being next to a beautiful woman lowers a man’s IQ 20 points.  My thought was, “This could be a theme for a joke contest.”  The format would be:  BLANK ACTIVITY/BEHAVIOR LOWERS/RAISES IQ XX POINTS.  Here are three examples:

  – Wearing a baseball cap backwards lowers your IQ 20 points.
  – Wearing a thong bikini to the beach when you’re over 50 lowers your IQ 10 points if you’re a woman, and 30 points if you’re a man.
  – Entering this contest will lower your IQ 10 points.

See how many lines you can create.  Then submit your three best lines by July 14, 2013.  Email them to  Your top three lines will be judged for Top Three recognition by our panel of judges.  You can submit more than three lines.  The additional lines will be eligible for Honorable Mention.

Our next joke contest will be announced August 1, 2013.