Playing With Words

A good source of humor is anagrams.  An anagram is where you take a word or phrase and mix up all the letters to form a different word or phrase.  An example, using a simple three-letter word:

  – Eat
  – Ate
  – ETA

Playing with words just for the fun of it, here are some anagrams I came up with:

  – If I bluster.
  – Lie.  Rust.  Fib.

  – A bathroom revulsion.
  – Behavioral room nuts.

  – Obstacle pit.
  – Poetic blast.

Here are some tips when creating anagrams:

1.  Anagram Finder is available on the internet.  It does a lot of the work for you, but the final creative work is really up to you if you want to uncover the humor.

2.  Finding anagrams using people’s names is a good source of humor, especially if the names are people known to the audience.   Not every name will give you a useable humor gem.

3.  If your list of anagram possibilities is long, use the “advanced” function to narrow it down.  Sometimes I narrow the search for only two-word results.  Or I eliminate words that are part of the original word combination.  If I’m searching TABLE TOPICS, I might eliminate “table” and “topics” just to give me a shorter list.  And from a creative standpoint, I don’t want original root words in the new combination.

4.  If my list of possibilities is really long, in the thousands, sometimes I’ll break the original phrase into two parts, do separate searches, and then I piece together the final anagram. 

5.  For an entertaining anagram, you’re looking for a new combination of words which has a good, hidden meaning.

6.  Sometimes you’ll go beyond the results list and come up with your own combination.  For example on FILIBUSTER I saw the word BLUSTER and using the remaining letters I came up with IF I BLUSTER.  The word BLUSTER provided a great anchor word for a humor connection to FILIBUSTER.

You’ll find that Anagrams are fun and are a good source of humor.