Marty Bernstein Speaks in Las Vegas

Power House Pros Toastmasters Club was honored to have Mart Bernstein as a guest speaker last night.  He gave us a peek “Inside The Mind of a Humor Practitioner.” He opened by sharing two competition-quality speeches featured in a Pun Contest in Austin, Texas. 

Marty knows how “to be in fun” when he speaks.  It’s important to enjoy your humor and it’s obvious that Marty is having a good time when he presents.  His take-home wisdom included: 

  – Have a passion for what you do.
  – Become a student of what you love.
  – Specifics are funnier than generalities.
  – Becoming good at humor takes discipline.
  – Writing is a numbers game.  When preparing for a contest he often writes dozens of lines.
  – There are lots of talented people in the world.  Learn from them.

It was terrific having Marty attend our meeting.  It was a fun time and our members learned from a winner.  We’d love to have YOU as a guest also.  Las Vegas is a great place to visit.  Call ahead and find out when we meet and schedule your next vacation or business trip to fit in with our meeting schedule.  We’d love to see you. 

The next post will be the Observational Humor monologue from the meeting Marty attended.