New Joke Contest — Super Hero

The theme for the September Joke Contest is “Super Hero.”  Your challenge is to develop a Super Hero that we really need.  Give the new Super Hero a name and then give a brief description of the Super Hero special powers.

Here are three examples:

Super Defecit Buster
Turns wastful government spending into failed re-election campaigns.

The Omniscient Health Nut
Uses super vision to turn junk food into fruits and vegetables.

The World Peace Maker
Enforces Kindergarten rules on all adults.

See how many Super-Hero Characters you can create.  Then submit your three best to by September 15, 2013.  Your three best lines will be judged for Top Three recognition by our panel of judges.  You can submit more than three lines.  The additional lines will be eligible for Honorable Mention. Our next joke contest will be announced October 1, 2013.