New Joke Contest — Incompatible Careers

A recent ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled that a Municipal Court Judge could not moonlight as a Stand-Up Comedian.  They ruled that the two careers are incompatible.

What other careers are incompatible?

  – A third grade teacher should not moonlight as a Pole Dancer.
   – An NFL Quarter Back should not moonlight as a Casino Odds Maker.
  – The Pope should not moonlight as an Infomercial Pitchman.

What careers do you think are incompatible?  Make a list and then select your top three.  You can submit more than three, but only your top three will be considered for recognition by our judges.  Submit your best lines by October 15, 2013 by sending them to

New Joke Contests are announced on the first of the month.  Look for our next contest on November 1.