Observational Humor — Case Study # 105

Here’s another Observational Humor monologue presented at the end of a meeting. 

I’ll privide the set up to the joke, the punchline, and a quick look at what makes the joke tick.

THE SET-UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.)

1.  During self introductions, Bill acknowledged that he was Sherrie’s husband.  He said “I’m Sherrie’s Man-Servant.”

2.  The emcee pointed out the restrooms to the guests.  “When you get to the end of the hall,  you can go either way and you’ll find a restroom.”

3.  A woman commented on the old problem of having the toilet seat in the down position.

4.  Kitty gave an impromptu speech on getting cut off by another driver on the freeway.

5.  Suzette gave a speech where she used a bicycle as a prop. 

6.  During Suzette’s speech, Mark assisted by placing the bicycle on a table-top.

7.  Bryant Pergerson practiced his International Contest Speech.


I’m proud to say that I’m a Distinguished Graduate of Sherrie Parker’s Man-Servant School.
(A call-back to an earlier comment that got a laugh.  I took it a step further to suggest that Sherrie actually had a school.  Good laugh.)

I found it interesting that you have restrooms where you can go either way.  That’s why your club attracts so many new members.
(This joke depended on people remembering the emcee’s comment.  Apparently they did.  It got a big laugh.)

I have a question for the women.  When you use the restroom, I understand that you want the seat down, but don’t you look to see if the lid is also down?
(The truth is funny.  Exaggerating the “seat up or down” problem to “where is the lid.”)

Kitty, I’m sorry that I cut you off on the freeway.
( I used the technique of “dropping myself into her story.”  Worked well.  Good laugh.)

You may not know why Suzette is dressed in pink.  She sells Mary Kay.  She hasn’t sold enough to get a car.  But she has sold enough to get a bicycle.
(Mary Kay provided the fist punchline.  Bringing in BICYCLE was a surprise in the topper.)

Bryant, one more suggestion for your Interntional Speech.  When you give your speech, it’s important that people see you.  I’d suggest taking Mark with you and at the start of your talk, have him lift you onto a table-top.
(An absurd suggestion got a big laugh.)