Joke Contest Results — Food Films

Thanks to Sol Morrison’s suggstion for our November Contest theme, we had a popular contest with hundreds of entries.  Because of the mix of humor lines, I felt it would be difficult to pick a first, second and third.  Instead, you will find the results presented in a different format, with the contributors recognized at the end.  Enjoy our November contest results:  FOOD FILMS.

 Now Playing at the FOOD FILM THEATER

  – The Gizzard of Oz

  – From Here to Eaternity

  – 12 Hungry Men

  – The French Toast Connection

  – Silence of the Spam

  – The Ten Condiments

  – Pulp Chicken

  – Double Feature: Supersize Me & The Year of Eating Dangerously

 After your movie, join us at the FOOD FILM RESTAURANT


Now Your Choice of A La Carte or the Full Monty

The Thin Man Doesn’t Eat Here


  – Last Tempura in Paris

  – One Flew Over the Bird’s Nest Soup

  – Forrest Gumbo

  – Appetizer Blue Plate:

      Lord of the Onion Rings

      Fellowship of the Buffalo Wings

      The Two Flours

      The Return of the King Crab


  – Clark Gobble’s Turkey Club–Frankly We Don’t Serve a Ham

  – Dr Suess Just Green Spam and Lettuce  (Saving Private Rye, I am)

  – The Yellow Submarine

  – The Last American Gyro

Early Bird:

  – Good Buy–Mister Fish & Chips

  – Frank & Stein

  – Fried Chicken–Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

  – Spaghetti with Chance of Meatballs–Chef’s Surprise

House Specials:

  – The Prime Rib of our Life

  – Prawn with the Wind

  – Blade Ruiner NY Steak–So Thick You Can’t Cut it With a Knife

  – Sophie’s Choice Sirloin with My Own Private Idaho Potato

  – Mocking Bird–We Kill, Cook and Serve them with Field of Cream Sauce and M.A.S.H.ed potatos

Healthy Choice by Calorie Harper:

  – The SecretGarden Vegetables served with 40-Year-Old Virgin Olive Oil. Prepared with no trans Fat Albert.

Child’s Menu:

  – Country Fried Steak (No Country Fried Steak for Old Men)

  – Honey I Cooked the Kids

Desserts by a Sweet Cart Named Desire:

  – Life of Pie

  – Charlie’s Angels Food Cake

  – Planet of the Crepes


  – Glassa Blanca

  – Leonardo de Cappuccino

  – Clockwork Orange Julius

  – Columbian Roast with Creamer vs Creamer

Join Us Thanksgiving Day

  – A few good meals served with the right stuffing.


C Allen

David Novick

Debbie Harbeson

Erin C

Gerald Fleischmann

Jim Spero

Marty Bernstein

Nancy Lininger

Sandy Kampner

Scott Tredwell

Sol Morrison

Tom Nee