Marty Bernstein Humor Tips

Power House Pros Toastmasters club was excited to host Marty Bernstein for a featured presentation.  Marty is a frequent winner of our Humor Power blog contests.  On a recent visit to Las Vegas he shared humor tips with our club.  He was a big hit!

Marty did two pun contest routines, one he did this year, and one he plans for next year.  He credits part of his comedy talent to good genes:  “I have one Gene Wilder than the rest.”  He recalled that his mother introduced him to wordplay.  And that his brother was always wisecracking, so he came up with jokes to respond to him.

Marty shared examples of his winning contest entries such as, Occupational Illnesses: Vanna White, irritable vowel syndrome.  He mentioned that Sol and Gerry made comments about the joke being funnier because it was about a specific person and how this resonated and led him to consciously look for ways to write more specific jokes for the contests.

He said that his wife and son hear his jokes before anyone else “My wife and son are first responders.  I tell them my jokes and they tell me that they are a disaster.”

He writes a lot of jokes, and a minimum of 25 if he finds a contest hard.
If people want to be funny, they should read all of the Humor Power Blog posts.

He also recommended that people read and listen to as many funny people as possible.
“I sometimes write a joke and then laugh at it and I enjoyed myself doing my presentation for Power House Pros.  If you want to be funny it helps to have fun doing it.”

“Here are lessons I learned from doing this presentation:
   – Do your preparation.  I did about half the prep I should have, and sure enough what I didn’t practice I wasn’t able to use.
   – I wanted to give more examples of my winning jokes, that was popular.
    – I wanted to provide a Q&A session.
    – I ended earlier than I wanted to because I began to repeat myself and I try to avoid that.”

Marty’s other observations:
   – “Powerhouse Pros is a wonderful club with a lot of funny people.
   – I received  a very nice evaluation from Scott Pritchard which I appreciated.
   – Al Jensen was interested in having me on his radio show! I didn’t receive his email or that might have happened.
   – My long time friend Lee attended the meeting and told my wife he was blown away by my presentation.  I loved that.
   – John Kinde is funny and captivating.
   – I had a great time. I hope to come to Las Vegas again in 2014.  Hopefully that will work out, preferably when another contestant is also able to come.”

John’s note:  Our members loved Marty’s presentation and look forward to a return visit.  I’ll post his return trip to Las Vegas in our Blog and Newsletter.  We would love to have other subscribers join us.  Thanks, Marty, for sharing your talent and bringing lots of laughter to Las Vegas.