Observational Humor — Case Study #109

Here is another Observational Humor Monologue delivered at the end of a meeting.  I’ll give you the set up, followed by the punch line.  And then we’ll briefly look at why the joke was funny. 

THE SET-UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting, before the monologue was delivered.)

1.  In her speech Melanie said “In my family I’m the quiet one.  If you don’t believe that, you haven’t met my family.”

2.  Bill said he was the only founding member still active in our club.  Someone asked if I wasn’t also a founding member.  I am not.

3.  Someone mistakenly said that the upcoming District 33 conference was in Modesto, when it was actually going to be in Bakersfield.

4.  Someone asked Melanie if she was wearing a costume for her Humorous Contest speech in Bakersfield.  She said that she was not wearing a costume.  I added, “Melanie, I suggest that you wear something.”  A good laugh.

5.  Bobby said that his success in business was because he could pick a winner and hire the right people.  “Put 100 people in front of me and I can pick a winner.”

6.  Bobby has been recognized as one of the top humor speakers in District 33 for decades.

7.  Bobby told me that when he goes to Seattle it never rains.  It’s also a fact that Bobby has lived in Las Vegas for 60 years.  He said that the water table was a lot higher when he first came to the city.

8.  Bobby lives in Las Vegas when the weather is cool, and lives up on Mt Charleston when the weather is hot.  Mt Charleston, 45 minutes from Las Vegas, is a beautiful area with lots of forest land.  This summer the area struggled with wildfires. 

9.  The program agenda included John K (me) and Jon K (a new member.)


In my family, I’m the loud and boisterous one.  If you don’t believe that, you haven’t met my family.   (A call back and reversal of an earlier comment.  I’m using comic license, as the statement isn’t exactly true.  Nobody in my family is loud and boisterous, especially me.  Self deprecation.)

My name is John Kinde.  I am a club flounder.
(A play on words using a sound-alike, funny-sounding fish.)

This weekend I’m attending the District 33 conference in Modesto.
(Repeating a previous mis-statement.  A good laugh.)

I’m going to be the best speaker.
(A big laugh from those who realized that I’ll be the ONLY speaker.)

Actually, I’m going to Bakersfield.  But I wasn’t planning on going until I found out that Melanie won’t be wearing a costume.
(Piggybacked on the costume joke.)

How to tell a joke and get a big laugh… Pick a winner.  I can always pick a winner.  Show me 100 jokes and I can pick the one that’s a winner.
(A callback to the Pick-a-Winner closing to Bobby’s speech.)

Bobby…what a gift.  Here’s a guy who is funny before he even opens his mouth.
(The truth is funny.  He is a naturally comedic guy.)

I discovered today that Bobby is the Anti-Rain-Man.  He said when he goes to Seattle, it never rains.  He said that in the 60 years he’s lived in Las Vegas, the city has turned from a springs and meadow into a desert.  And when he moved to Mt Charleston…it caught on fire.  (The rule of threeVery big laughVery unexpected, timely and topical punchline.  After I came up with idea for the joke, the label of Anti-Rain-Man came to me.  Not a big laugh, but a good lead in.)

I just realized that we now have two John Ks in our club.  One with a H and one without.  One is old and one is cute.  (I brushed my hair back as though I was attempting to improve my appearance.)   Jon…if you stay in Toastmasters for 40 years…they will give you an H.
(Self deprecation.  Two big laughs.  A good closer.)