New Joke Contest — Speaking In Code

The January joke contest is called Speaking In Code.  The idea came to me when Bill Parker responded to my request for a written introduction for his upcoming speech.  He replied:  “I’ll bring the introduction with me.  Code for: I haven’t written it yet.”

Then he added: “Towards the end of my presentation, the audience and I will create our own joke using my humor creation process. Is it okay to use you as the subject of a joke?”

 I replied to him:  “Certainly, you can use me as the subject of a joke.  (Code for I’ll have the last laugh.)”

Then I thought, this is a great idea for a humor contest.  What would the CODE be for common expressions?  Here are some examples:

 Last night, I won a $500 slot machine jackpot.  Code for “Don’t ask me how much money I put into the slot machine before I hit the jackpot.”

 Not guilty, your honor.  Code for “I know I’m guilty, but this legal game we’re playing allows me to plead otherwise.”

 Until death do us part.  Code for “Until the initial passion wears off, I get bored and someone else sweeps me off my feet.”

Your creativity challenge for this month is to come up with a common phrase, and then create the code for what it really means.  Write as many items as you can.  Then pick your best three and submit them to by January 15.  Your first three entries will be eligible for Top Three recognition.  You can submit more than three entries and they will be eligible for Honorable Mention.