Observational Humor — Case Study #112

Here is another Observational Humor monologue delivered at the end of a meeting.  We will look at the setups for the jokes.  Then we will review the jokes and what made them work.

THE SET-UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.)

1.  Bill Lusk said that after each automobile race he participates in, he comes off the track 5 years younger.

2. Our Club President said that our Club Board is a crack team.

3.  We had a lot of guests.  During the guest introductions it was clear that most of them came to hear guest speaker Linda Bown.

4.  In Linda’s speech she played a character, a romantic man from Barcelona.

5.  An introductory speech was delivered by a new member who happened to be a good-looking woman who met her husband in Atlanta.

6.  A speaker talked about having specific speaking skills on purpose.

7.  A speaker said he was FAST not HALF-FAST.

8.  A speaker said that the key to a good impromptu speech is “Don’t Puke.”

9.  A speaker said that effective speakers don’t deliver their speech in a half-hearted manner.

10.  Eric Culverson thanked the audience for allowing him to put in his two cents by speaking to them. 


Fellow Toastmasters, Ladies and Gentlemen, and especially Bill Lusk, the Benjamin Button of the Race Track.
(Refers to the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which is about a character who grows younger over time.)

The secret of our club success is out.  We have crack teams.
(Implies that our club leadership is energized by chemical means.)

But you realize that if Linda Bown wasn’t speaking tonight, there would only be three people attending this meeting.
(Exaggeration, implying that people would not have come if it were not for the guest speaker.  While there is some truth in that, I exaggerated the result of not having the guest speaker.)

I’m Funny On Purpose…
I’m not half-funny…
I can deliver a successful humor monologue because I don’t puke.
(A series of call-backs.)

After people return home tonight…The women are going to book plane tickets to Barcelona.  And the men will book tickets to Atlanta.
(Implies that members would want to go to destinations where they could find romantic partners of the opposite sex.)

The reason that joke worked was because I delivered it in a half-hearted manner.
(Self-Deprecation.  I told a joke that worked, delivering it in my low-key presentation style, not a high-energy style.)

Tonight you found out that we pay our guest speakers.  We paid Eric Culverson two cents.
(A call-back playing with an alternate phrase meaning.  I used the literal meaning of two-cents, whereas Eric had used it to imply that “two cents” meant “to give my opinon.”  Good closer to the monologue.)