New Joke Contest — Faint Praise

It’s time for the February Joke Contest.  Thanks to David Novick for suggesting this month’s contest theme…Faint Praise

New Joke Contests are announced on the first of each month.

Here is your challenge for this month’s contest.   Write a line which starts in a style that appears to be a testimonial for a product or service, then end it with something that may not be so flattering.  Here are six examples: 

  – Jerry’s new science-fiction novel has an exciting ending, especially if you skip the middle.

  – Your new Encyclopedia of Quotations makes an excellent doorstop.

  – My new car gets such great mileage that I can now afford to bring it in for all the safety recall notices.

  – Pluto’s Mayonise left a pleasant after-taste immediately after leaving the Emergency Room.

  – The professionals at Groan’s Money Mart make borrowing money I can’t afford a pleasant experience.

  – Slinger’s Casino is a wonderful place to visit my money.

Create an imaginary business or product.  Then write a testimonial with a “faint praise” twist at the end.  Write multiple lines and then pick your best ones to submit.  Your first three entries will be eligible for top-three recognition.  Additional lines will may be recognized for Honorable Mention.  Submit your entries by February 15, 2014 to