New Joke Contest — It Was So Windy Today

The joke theme for this month is inspired by the Johnny Carson joke bit:  “It was windy today.” The audience replies, “How windy was it?” Carson responds with a series of jokes. “It was so windy that (punch line).”

For this month’s joke contest we’re providing four “joke starters.”  You can write punchlines for just one starter, or more than one, if you feel inspired.

The starters are:
I’m so hungry…
I’m so funny…
I’m so hot…
I’m so rich…

Here are some examples:

I’m so hungry…I could eat something that was good for me.

I’m so funny…I almost made John Kinde smile.

I’m so hot…I have a license to carry a concealed fire extinguisher.

I’m so rich…my total annual income taxes could pay the interest on the national debt for one second.

Write as many lines as you can. Then select your three best lines for consideration by our judges for Top Three Recognition. Additional lines will be eligible for Honorable Mention. Submit your lines by sending them to by March 15, 2014.