Observational Humor — Case Study #118

Here is another Observational Humor monologue presented at the end of a meeting. We will look at the setup for the jokes, then we’ll review the jokes, and finally we’ll discuss what made the jokes work.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.)

1. I was using my walker when I approached the speaking platform.

2. An evaluator complimented a speaker on a “smile that draws people

3. The Observational Humor Master typically opens with one joke, and
then calls for humorous comments from the floor. The OH Master then
presents a humor monologue.

4. An evaluator complimented a speaker on the variety in his speech,
taking people up and down, emotionally. He gestured the motion of a
roller coaster, highs and lows.

5. Jesse Oakley III told the story of his name. He is widely known for
his iii suffix.

6. A speaker used a joke format, “If you’re not paying for X…

7. A speaker shared data that shows we are all being snooped on.

8. A speaker commented on how competitive our club is.

9. We have several new, young members. We also had two parents and a son visiting from California. The son was young looking, and the parents still did not look old enough to be his parents.


My nickname is Johnny Walker.
(Jokes about the obvious. Also a joke using name play.)

Now that my smile has drawn you in.
(Self-deprecation. I’m not an expressive person.)

Are there any Observational Humor comments from floor?
(Members shared some Observational Humor lines. My monologue

As you noticed, the humor is like a roller coaster…up…and down.
(gesturing a roller coaster path.)
(Very good laugh, in spite of the fact that all the lines given by club
members were good. In other words there weren’t any “down” or bad
lines, and the joke still got laughs.)

Ladies and gentlemen…and especially our Past-District Gov who had a farm…JESS E I E I O.
(A perfect play on I-I-I using the Old MacDonald jingle.)

If you’re not paying for this monologue…you’ll be in this monologue.
(Big laugh. A call back twisted to fit the monologue theme.)

I couldn’t resist the “walker” line. I like to find humor in name-play.  For example if Ethan Nguyen married Woody Allen…he would be Ethan Allen.
(Good laugh.)

I heard on the news today that Las Vegas was suing Chicago. It seems that Chicago is claiming to be a windy city.
(Timely comment related to windy weather in Las Vegas.)

You may have noticed that in the men’s room, the urinals have a sign which says, “Aim for back of urinal.” Melanie, that gives me an idea for our club banner slogan. “Power House Pros–We Aim to Please.”
(A recycled joke similar to one I used many months ago.)

Nobody snoops on me. I communicate by telegraph, smoke signals and stone tablets.
(Weakest line of the monologue.)

I agree with the comment that our club has stiff competition. This is because half of our members are very competitive. And the other half look like they should be in a coffin.
(The truth is funny, albeit an exaggerated truth. A good laugh.)

But aren’t you impressed with how young our three speakers were
tonight? And our guests are so young, even the parent’s of our guests are young!
(A good line to close with because it is funny, because it’s true. And it
compliments our guests.)