Family Feud Funny Failure

Why is a dumb answer on a game show funny? There are lots of examples on YouTube: Family Fued, Newlywed Game, Wheel of Fortune, Pyramid, PassWord.
– Superiority. The viewer feels superior.
– Tension. Release caused by the embarassment of the victim.
– Relationships. The disconnect of the given answer from a good answer. The further the disconnect from a right answer the funnier.
– Surprise. Amazement at how far off-base a contestant could be.
– Self-deprecation. The realization of the It-Could-Have-Been-Me factor.
– The Topper. The comic disconnect of the family saying “good
answer” even when it’s not. One punch line leads to another. The first
punch line is the bad answer. The topper is the family laying a “good
answer” on top of the bad answer.