New Joke Contest — May 2014

It’s time for our May Joke Contest. Our theme this month is:   What to Say to a Naked Person.  Some of your lines might be “good” things to say, and some may be “bad” things to say. They will most likely be funny. And the challenge is to keep the lines in good taste.

Here are some sample lines, based on the theme, to get you started.

An alligator bag would compliment your outfit.
What a brilliant disguise for the witness protection program.
The restaurant requires a tie.
It must be casual day at work.
Thank you for reminding me…your eyes ARE up there.

Write as many lines as you can. Then submit your best three lines for
our Top Three recognition. If you send more than three lines, the
additional lines will be eligible for Honorable Mention. Submit your
entries by May 15, 2014 to

New contests are announced on the first of the month. The next contest will be posted on June 1, 2014.