Shopping Rules

1.  No sale is big enough to justify buying something you don’t need.  2.  Don’t buy anything you can’t sell at a garage sale.  3.  Don’t buy anything you’d be embarrassed to give as a gift.  4.  Don’t buy food when you’re hungry. 5.  Don’t buy from a TV infomercial if you’re bored.  6.  Don’t buy a time-share vacation if you’re mathematically challenged.  7.  Buy with caution when you’re lonely.  8.  Don’t buy if you can’t pay cash.  9.  Don’t buy a book if you have over 100 waiting to be read.  10.  Don’t buy something if you have nowhere to put it.  11. Don’t buy anything you’ll spend more time dusting it than you’ll spend enjoying it.  12.  Don’t buy an impulse purchase on any day that ends in Y. 14.  Don’t buy anything if you’re feeling superstitious.