Comedy Musician on America’s Got Talent

This two-minute performance illustrates several humor principles. The humor could be described as off color, but it passed the TV censors…so how bad can that be? It would be the perfect entertainment for a night-club lounge.

Lessons learned:

1. The performer uses humor to be likable. He is witty from beginning to end. His style is very conversational.

2. It illustrates the permission principle that older people can often get away with things that a younger person can’t. The performer is 84.

3. He uses humor when having a problem with the equipment.

4. The funniest line of the song is a great example of Self-Deprecation.  I’m sure you can pick it out. Poking fun at yourself is usually a good choice.

5. Some people may consider the lyrics homophobic. In my opinion it’s just the opposite and is something that could probably be a hit in a gay nightclub, performed by someone like the late Rudy de la Mor.

6.  Click here to watch the video.