Joke Contest Results — State Slogans

Our State Slogans theme was inspired by long-time subscriber and funny guy Sol Morrison, Santa Barbara, California.

New Joke contests are annonced on the first of each month.

Look for the next contest on October 1, 2014.

Here are the top lines selected by our panel of judges (speakers and improv players). The Theme: State Slogans.


California: All Shook Up
Terry Wall, Washington Township, New Jersey


Washington: Like rain? We’re Rainier!
Marty Bernstein, Oak Park, Illinois


New York: Unique New York (say it five times fast)
Tom Nee, Oak Lawn, Illinois

Honorable Mention (in random order)

– Washington DC: Big Spy Country
– Pennsylvania: Who wouldn’t like a state nicknamed PA
– Rhode Island: We’re not an island and we don’t have many roads
– North Dakota: Just like South Dakota, only higher up.
– Nevada: The funnest state ever

– Nevada: What’s gambled here stays here
– Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Likes
– West Virginia: Where we still do the Charleston
– Hawaii: HI is more than an abbreviation
– New Hampshire: Slightly nicer than Old Hampshire

– Idaho: This Spud’s for You
– District of Columbia: Live Free or Die Broke
– Washington State: George is On My Mind
– Hawaii: The Molten State
– Kentucky: Southern Comfort

– Washington DC: Land of 10,000 Mistakes
– California: The Quakier State
– Indiana: We say Hoosier before you say knock knock
– California: The Rolling Hills State 7.0
– Alaska: Bridge Over Troubled Politics

– Connecticut: How to get to Massachusetts from New York.
– Texas: Any other questions?
– Idaho: For girls and Boise
– North Carolina: Not South Carolina
– South Carolina: Not North Carolina.
– Rhode Island: You Just Missed it

– Washington DC: Grid and Bear It
– Washington DC: Don’t Make a Federal Case Out of it
– Arizona: Take in the Hole Thing
– Mississippi: There is no Mr.ssippi
– New York: We Rush More than South Dakota.
– Wisconsin: Home of Cheesy Humor