Humor Writing Exercise

A couple of weeks ago I saw a gag on the internet:
Oxygen and Potassium went on a date. It was OK.”
So the most logical thing for me to do was to create my own humor writing exercise. I call it Elemental Relationships.

The goal is to create new joke relationships using elements on the periodic table. Here are a few lines I came up with:

Sulpher and Oxygen went on a second date. It was SO SO.

Sulpher, Sodium, Carbon and Potassium went on a double date. Just
for a SNACK.

Chlorine, Iodine, Carbon, and Potassium went on a double date. It
didn’t CLICK

Beryllium and Gold became BEAUs after meeting at a singles bar when
Beyrillium shouted accross the bar, “Hey You.”

Iron and Argon’s relationship was based on FEAR. One was concerned
with heavy metals creeping into the diet. The other was kept awake at
night by the price of gas.

What joke have you heard recently that could trigger the thought in
your mind, “I could create some jokes based on that joke theme! Create your own exercises. Or write some jokes on the Elemental Relationships theme. Create jokes that are just for you. It’s like going to the gym.