New Joke Contest — State Of The Funny

The theme for February is The State Of  The Funny.  Why is a specific state funny?

Here are three states I’ve lived in.

Nevada is funny because you can get married and gamble…but I repeat myself.

North Dakota is funny because you need a sense of humor to deal with the winters.

 California is funny because you can deliver your punch lines in 85 languages.

  1. Your joke should fit the formula:  STATE is funny because…
  2. You can submit one joke each for the state you live in and two other states.  A total of three jokes.  This is an exercise in writing lots of jokes and then figuring out which ones are the funniest.  No recognition for Honorable Mention beyond three entries.
  3. In which city and state do you live?
  4. You can submit a joke for a province, or territory, or comparable geographic area for your country.
  5. Submit your entries by February 15, 2015