Observational Humor — Case Study #133

Here’s another Observational Humor monologue presented at the end of a meeting. We’ll look at the set-up for the jokes, and then we’ll look at the jokes and what made them work. It’s presented for educational purposes not primarily attended as enterainment. The “you had to be there” factor is responsible for a monologue not reading as funny as is was in-the-moment when presented live.

THE SET-UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting
before the monologue was presented.)

1. In the Educational Moment, I suggested that to create humor, they
should look for unusual things in the room. For example on the white
board somone has written Csico 123.

2. A speaker gave a speech titled SCARS.

3. A speaker mentioned how many years he had lived in Las Vegas.

4. A speaker said that he got married 8 years ago, before he got ugly.

5. A speaker giving a technical speech on Diets, told us to assume that
each of us was a Dietary Expert.

6. A member was given an impromptu speech topic of naming the best
buffet in Las Vegas.

7. A speaker was given an impromptu speech topic of naming unique
things for tourists to do in Las Vegas.

8. Hoover Dam is a short drive from Las Vegas.

9. A speaker told of applying for a job at the company that provides
our meeting room. He got the job.

10. It was mentioned that some job applications still ask for the RACE
of the applicant.

11. It was suggested that a Safe may or may not be a good place to hide.


Welcome to the Witnesss Protection Program support group. My name is Cisco 123.

(Pretending to make sense of the code name written on the white board.)

Tonight’s program theme is SCARS. Silly Comments and Ridiculous Sarcasm.
(Acronyms can provide an easy source of humor.)

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 15 years. I moved here before I became ugly.

Can you believe we’re in a room full of Dietary Experts? I find it easier to believe we’re in a room full of Buffet Experts.
(Poking fun at the audience, suggesting that they didn’t look like health advocates.)

On the subject of unique things for tourists to do in Las Vegas.
– One of the best things to do is take a Dam Tour.
– Another thing to do is visit the new Athletic Club at Warm Springs
and Gibson. Jim Gibson is the manager of the Gibson Gym.
(Playing with the double meaning of DAM. And using Name Play, with
a sound-alike word Jim/Gym.)

I applied for a job at Pololu. On the application there was a section
titled Race. I put 500. The interviewer questioned what I meant. I said, that’s my race. The Kinde 500.
(Again using Name Play using sound-alike words, KINDE/INDY.)

The application also asked for our greatest accomplishment. When I was younger, I always won every game of Hide & Seek. I always hid in the safe.
(This was a call back to the “hide in the safe” reference. I wasn’t sure
this would be a good line, but it received a very good laugh.)

I didn’t get the job.
(Implies that I didn’t get the job because of the two jokes above. A good closing line.)