A Pro Taking a Risk

Here are two examples of Josh Groban taking a chance by singing with an audience member. It demonstrates that with risk comes reward.  Groban and the audience members are thrilled with the excitement and the surprise that happens in the middle of a show.  Audience members love seeing something special that unfolds before their eyes. Of course, if the segment is totally off-the-cuff, there is the risk of bombing. On the other hand, there is always the option of planned spontaneity, in this case by having the audience members pre-audition before they are invited on stage. If the star never saw the audition, it would still have the feel of spontaneity for both the star and the audience. These two clips have the genuine feeling of being in-the-moment and have results that will impress you. Also, improvised interaction with the audience increases the authenticity of the performer by connecting them with
their fans. The star is able to drop his or her guard and become more genuine. I think you will enjoy both the clips.

Josh Groban with a woman audience member.

Josh Groban with a man audience member.