Subscriber Survey Results

We are pleased that 173 subscribers gave us their opinions about our Humor Power Tips Newsletter.

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Here is a summary of the survey results.

Percent of subscribers completing the survey:
Current subscribers 8% (of those who “opened” the newsletter)
New subscribers 25% (of those who responded to the verification email)

How do new subscribers find us:
Internet Search 60%
Referral by Friend 30%

Why do new subscribers sign up?
Add humor to my life 70%
Just curious about the newsletter 20%
Add humor to my speeches 10%

Current Subscribers Would like to see More of:
Observational Humor 64%
Adding humor to a speech 64%
Motivational humor for positive attitudes 57%
Humor triggers for funny lines 54%
Resources for learning humor 46%
Humor skills for writers 44%
Basics of joke writing 42%
Video clips that teach humor 42%

New Subscribers are Interested in:
Observational Humor 80%
Humor for relationships 71%
Humor for positive attitudes 71%
Humor triggers 63%
Adding humor to a speech 60%
Resources for learning humor 54%

76 comments on things people like about the newsletter. Thank you for your kind comments and support.

74 suggestions for improving the newsletter Thanks for your thoughtful suggestions. The suggestions were not focused in any one area. Some of the suggestions:
– More video. Our goal is to feature more video segments as a learning
tool. I’m still on the beginner’s side of the learning curve for using my
video camera and Windows 8 laptop computer. As I gain more skills in
the video editing department and become better at uploading the video to the internet, I’ll be doing more of it.
– Bring back the cartoon caption contest. I’m considering doing that
and am discussing it with a cartoonist. And I need to learn how to post
cartoons to my web site.
– When offering links to blog articles, give a summary of the article so
we don’t have to click on the link to see what the article is about. Good
– Recap and review past insights.
– More recognition of the contestants. I’m considering having a “Meet
The Contestant” feature. It might include some short biographical
information, a photo, a website, other relevant links. This would be
interesting to some of our readers, and it might be a good resource for
– The most frequent comment was that subscribers like the newsletter
as it is.
– There were comments on improving the format, and a small number
of comments that the humor wasn’t funny. While these were in the
minority, we realize that many who would agree with those comments
are already unsubscribed. So we do much appreciate the constructive
comments of every kind.

Comments about the contests:
– 75% enter or read the contests each month. 25% find the contests not relevant to their needs.
– One subscriber always shares the contest results with friends he/she
jokes around with.
– Another posts the contest results to a humor bulletin board at work.
– A few comments suggested that contest selection of winners tends to be subjective. I agree. The results are totally subjective. If you want to know more about how our contest winners are selected click here.

Speaking Experience of our subscribers:
An experienced speaker 50% (current subscribers)
An experienced speaker 35% (new subscribers)

Age of Subscribers:
Our average subscriber is in his/her late 50s.
29 and below 4%
30-40s 18%
50-60s 60%
70s and up 18%

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