New Contest — Humor and Happiness Role Model

In 25 words or less, who has been your number one role model for humor and happiness in your life?  You can’t nominate yourself.  And you can’t nominate me!

My top role model was my Uncle Harry. It’s difficult to experess my thoughts in 25 words. But here it is:

“Uncle Harry was a joy-leader. Whether it was entertainment around the campfire or games on a road trip, Harry was the fun-planner supreme.”

Coming up with your entry, you might do what I did. I wrote a longer piece, 800 words, based on my memories of Uncle Harry. I called each of his three daughters and we chatted on the phone. My longer article is posted in my May Humor Power Tips Newsletter. The process of discussing the positive qualities of your role model with family and friends is a good experience for everyone.

Then take your longer article and trim it down to the most important 25 words to share with our readers. You don’t need to identify the person’s whole name unless you want to. You could just use a first name, or a nickname. Nor do you need to identify a specific city where the person lives.

We will recognize the top three entries. And  some Honorable
Mentions.  Send us your one entry of Who is your Humor and Happiness Role Model and Why. Also send us YOUR name and city.  We will need your entry by May 15, 2015.  Send it to