New Joke Contest — Rich and Poor

The theme for this month’s joke contest is Rich and Poor.

New Joke contests are announced on the first of the month. The next contest comes out on July 1.

For this month’s contest, Rich and Poor.
The joke formula is:
“You know you’re rich when…”
“You know you’re poor when…”

As an example I’ve written two contrasting lines using Bill Gates as the inspiration for both lines. You do not have to use contrasting jokes, nor do you need to refer to a person or celebrity

– You know you’re rich when you can give a million dollars a year to each of 1000 people for 75 years and still have money left over.

– You know you’re poor when the government could take all your money and it would not be enough to pay the interest on the national debt for six months.

And a few more examples:

– You know you’re Rich when your full name is Richard.
– You know your rich when the monthly interest on your bank savings account is enough to buy a McDonald’s hamburger.
– You know you’re poor when your first Social Security check is a life-style changer.
– You know you’re poor when you’re standing on a steet corner with a card board sign that reads, “Will write jokes for food.”

Get busy. Write as many jokes as you can. Then put them on the back burner and let them simmer. The next day, edit them. Tighten the wording, add more punch. Then pick your 3 best lines of RICH and 3 best lines for POOR. Submit them by June 14, 2015 to If you submit additional lines, they will be eligible for Honorable Mention. Good luck. Have fun.