New Joke Contest — Sounds Like

The theme for he July Joke Contest is “Sounds Like…” It looks a bit like an Onomatopoeia exercise. Look for desciptive words that sound like what they describe. You can take some liberties with that formula to make a joke work. Here are eight examples:

– The sound at the end of a Ponzie scam: Clink-clink-clink.

– The sound of a lemon car trying to start: Errrrr, clunk, errrrr, clunk, errrrr.

– The sound of a beer bottle chilling in the freezer too long: Ka-Boom with a silencer.

– A burglar breaking into a home: Ka-Boom without a silencer… followed by “STOP or I’ll shoot.”

– Peace in the Middle East: Followed by the sound of skeptical  disbelief.

– After singing Happy Birthday to a 100-year old: “What did you say?”

– The sound in a gambling casino. Hard to describe, but it sounds like people kissing their money goodbye.

It’s time for you to go to work. Grab pen and paper and start your humor synapses firing. Write as many lines as you can. Then submit your best three lines for top-three recognition. Additional lines submitted will be eligible for Honorable Mention.

Send your entries to not later than July 15, 2015.