It Was So Humid…

Talking to friends on two separate phone calls last month, I heard complaints about the high humidity.  The perfect opportunity for  a humor writing exercise:

It was so Humid….

It was so humid I took out the boat and water skied once around the block.

It was so humid when I went to check the mail box I did the back stroke.

It was so humid when I took a shower I didn’t need to turn on the water.

It was so humid I dried off when I got out of the pool and then again
before I went into the house.

It was so humid when I got thirsty I just took a deep breath and

It was so humid before I went to bed I threw a cup of Tide in the bed and in the morning my sheets were washed and rinsed.

It was so humid that my frost-free freezer gave me all the free frost I

It was so humid we had a huge rain storm and nobody but the cats and dogs even noticed.

It was so humid when the fish get hungry, they crawl out of the bowl and get their own lunch.

It was so humid I didn’t have to lick my stamps, I just waved them in the air.