Observational Humor — Case Study #139

Here are jokes used at an NSA Las Vegas chapter meeting. We’ll look at the set up.  And then look at the jokes and examine why they were funny.

THE SETUP (What happened and what was said during the meeting, before the jokes were delivered.

1. A presenter told us about a speaker’s ineffective video demo which opened with the speaker high-fiving the audience.   She said she did not recommend it as an  opening.

2. An audience member, during self-introductions, said she was
performing in her own one-woman show.

3. The President said that this year’s board was the best board ever.
Member RJ was present and we served on the board together ten years ago.

4. A speaker said that clients hire speakers for the useable content not
just to be entertained.

5. To qualify as a paid speaker, it was suggested that instead of speaking for a free dinner, pay for your dinner and invoice the client $50 for the speech.

6. Guest presenter, Terry Paulson said that he was the only Clinical Psychologist speaker who was funny.

7. A speaker said that when he says something to an audience, and they laugh, it’s a joke.

8. A speaker said that he got married 5 days before the meeting. And he said his new wife wouldn’t give him permission to speak.


(Walking to the speakers platform, I high-fived several of the members of the audience.)
I’m recording a video demo.

(I thought just the act of high-fiving would be sufficient to get a laugh.  But I was wrong. The laugh came after the demo-video comment, which I added, but which was not on the script. I needed the line to make the joke work.)

I moved to Las Vegas 15 years ago and opened my one-woman show.
( a call back with an absurdity trigger.)

Ten years ago I was on the same chapter board as RJ DiDonato. We are one of the boards that made it possible for the current board to be the best ever.
(A recycled joke from about a year ago. Excellent response.)

I’m a humorist. I have no content.
(A call back. Self-deprecation.)

Next week I’m speaking in Pahrump. They told me that their audience loves humor and likes to laugh. I told them to tell the audience not to laugh and to just pay me $50.
(A call back, slightly twisted.)

I’m going to become clinical psychologist. Then I’ll be one of only two clinical psychologists who are funny.
(The trigger is extrapolation. One plus one takes us into the future as

The truth is, I don’t do humor. I just say things. If you laugh it’s
humor. If you don’t laugh, it’s motivation.
(A call back with a twist.)

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 15 years. During that time, many people have said, “Kinde, your are so quiet, you rarely speak. I want you to know that, as of five days ago, you’re going to be hearing more from me.  Because Marvelous Mark married my Ex.
(This implies that my Ex was not allowing me to speak, and that it was
now Mark’s problem and not mine.)