And Here are Tonight’s Contestants

Last night on Jeopardy, Matt Jackson who looked like he would be another Ken Jennings, got knocked off off after 13 games and $411,612 in winnings. I didn’t want to see him go. The guy who beat him, Michael Baker, also impressive, lost tonight. Go figure. As important as quick reflexes, knowledge and focus are, you can’t beat luck. Just having the right questions can make all the difference. With the right questions, even I might win one game. But two games, highly unlikely. Skill and knowledge still count for a lot. “And the categories for today are
Norwegian Foods, Magicians, Comedy Skills, Las Vegas, French Language, and 1965.” On my first round, “Alex, I’ll make it a true Daily Double.” Then again I could get, “And the categories for today are Greece vs Sparta, Calculus, Kangaroo Bones, 18th Century Classical Harpsicord, GORT (and we all know what that means), and Love Notes in Hebrew.” Right after break, John will go first because he’s in third place. But there’s still a lot of time. There wouldn’t be enough time if my opponents were wearing straight jackets and were blindfolded.