Stand-Up Comedy

The Power House Pros Second Annual Stand-Up Comedy Competition was held on November 30, 2015. Six brave and funny contestants took the challenge of being funny on stage. Congratulations to Elliott Chase, Andrea Grossen, Beverly Rideout, Joan Wang, JR Wilson, and Bill Parker.

In addition to the competitor presentations, we had comedy and tips delivered by five comedy coaches. Eric Culverson, George Gilbert, Al Jensen, Darren LaCroix, and Scott Pritchard.

And now, by the magic of video, you can drop in to the event and and enjoy the presentations.

Click here to view video

Special thanks to the contestants, the coaches, the Sgt at Arms JD Smith, the timer Jesse Oakley III, the Emcee Bill Brown, the Videographer/Editor Philip Dahlheimer, and the Facility Host Ryan Mulligan. And of course we thank the audience. Without you it would have just been a quiet rehearsal.