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Happy Birthday Hillary Clinton

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Today is Hillary’s birthday, October 26.   Bala and I have written some thoughts about the birthday event.  Bala recently competed at his Division Humor Speech Contest and took home the third-place trophy.  Bala is a talented Observational Humorist.  He regularly  presents observations at the end of his Toastmaster meetings, and he publishes them on his Blog.  Check out his educational, humor-skills Blog  at


As Hillary Clinton turns 69, Donald Trump is thrilled to be leading Hillary by 1.

Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton. May you always keep smiling…or rather keep fake smiling.

Today is the birthday of Hillary Cinton. She completed 69. Meanwhile Bill, who is one year older, celebrated privately,

It’s Hillary Clinton’s birthday. She received 33,000  birthday emails.  Fortunately she had just enough room on her computer.

It’s Hillary Cinton’s Birthday today. She can have her cake and eat it too…because she splits the calories with  her body double Teresa Barnwell

At 69 Hillary is getting more concerned  with her health since she’s covered by Obamacare.

Hillary Clinton made her birthday wish, blew out the candles, opened her eyes, but still had pneumonia.

Today is Hillary Clinton’s birthday. Bill’s slogan for the day is “Make our relationship great again.”

Today is Hillary Clinton’s birthday. She ordered an orange-color cake and cut it into little pieces which could be eaten by someone with  tiny hands.

Today Hillary celebrated her 69th birthday by preparing invitations to her 70th birthday party at the White House,  She was happy that Donald Trump said he would host it.