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Las Vegas–the Best City

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Ten Reasons Why Las Vegas is the Best City in the Country

1. Everyone loves Las Vegas weather. You can relax in a sauna, or you can come inside and enjoy the air conditioning.

2. You can spend an entire three-day weekend in Las Vegas and never know for sure if it’s day or night.

3. Las Vegas is the best place in the country to pay $50 while waiting for a free beer.

4. Rainstorms are brief, but local TV stations know exactly where to go to capture the flash flooding.

5. Thanks to AARP members, casinos can pay their bills between the weekends.

6. You are unlikely to experience crime in Las Vegas unless you count the Resort Fee on your hotel bill.

7. Casinos in Las Vegas are outnumbered by churches and the churches are outnumbered by the buffets.

8. If you go five miles off the Strip, you’ll discover schools, libraries, grocery stores, and real people who actually LIVE in Las Vegas.

9. You can identify the old timers in Las Vegas. They are the ones reminiscing about the good-old- days when parking was free.

10. When you leave Las Vegas you will want to return to visit your money.