Observational Humor — Case Study #159

Here is another Observational Humor monologue presented at the end of a TM meeting.

The Set-up (what happened and what was said during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.)

  1. George said that I had the style of Jack Benny.
  2. The name of the club is Pro Toastmasters.
  3. Tim mentioned that he used to live in North Las Vegas, and pointed North.  Then he realized that he had pointed East and corrected himself by pointing North.
  4. A speaker referred to diseases which she made up, by attaching an “itis” to the end of a word.
  5. A speaker said that a certain activity would make you prettier
  6. Clubs used to do invocations to open the meetings.
  7. A speaker said that he was a runner.
  8. Tim gave a speech and several people commented that they liked the way he exposed his emotions during the talk.
  9. Our meeting location has a guard desk at the entrance.
  10. A speaker talked about doing something difficult by taking a deep breath and then counting to three. And then adding; I Guarantee You Won’t Regret it.
  11. A speaker said she has two phones in her shower.

The Monologue


(In my best Jack Benny style, which isn’t great, I placed my hand on my cheek and did a slow glance to my left.)

You had many choices tonight and thank you for coming here.  In fact you had several choices of TM clubs.  You have clubs that focus on politics, on guns, on health care.  One of the activist clubs is called Protest Masters.

(Protest Masters isn’t a real club, but it has a sound-alike connection with our club Pro Toastmasters.)

Tonight I realized that Tim knows sign language.   He was telling us that he lived in North Las Vegas.

I noticed that, in his pointing gesture trying to illustrate North, he showed his confusion.  So I pointed in one direction and then in another.)

I have Humoritis.  It makes me prettier.  Can you tell?

(Makes the odd connection of Humor to Pretty.  And then I added a tag line.)

It seems to me that we still need invocations.  We will need prayer as long as we have Table Topics.

(Callback to prayer in the meeting and linking it to the challenge of Table Topics.)

I am a runner.  But since I’m in the Witness Protection Program, part of my disguise is a walker.

(Plays with the word WALKER in contrast to RUNNER.)

Tim, I agreed with the evaluator comments. My favorite part of your speech was where you exposed yourself.

(Played with the double meaning of EXPOSE.)

Although it’s not on the agenda, at the end of the meeting we are all going to streak the guard desk.

First we’ll take a deep breath and count to three.  I guarantee you won’t regret it.  And as usual, the guests always go first.

(This tied the EXPOSE reference to the guard desk which everybody saw when they arrived for the meeting.  I then did a call back with deep breath and count to three.  And then set the rule that guests go first, implying that we always do it in that order.  And suggesting that members will go after the guests.  Yeah sure.  The final tag line got a huge laugh.)

I have two phones in my shower.  A land line in case I fall in the shower.  And a video phone in case I get a call from a heavy breather.  (Applied reasons for my two phones, the first one logical.  The second one absurd.)