Observational Humor — Case Study 160

Here is another Humor Monologue delivered at the end of a Toastmasters meeting.
THE SET-UP:  What happened and what was said during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.
1. The Toastmasters Club was having a Speech-A-Thon featuring eight  speakers.
2. Lorrie is a member of six clubs.
3. Kevin received an award at the start of the meeting.
4. A speaker told a story about someone who was wanting to retire but couldn’t afford a cup of coffee.
5. A speaker said she used to be embarrassed when telling people her name.  She would cover her mouth with her hand when saying her name.
6. A speaker works as a trainer at his gym. He was wearing a short-sleeve shirt which tightly fit his gym body.
7. A speaker used the cliché: “When you have a problem, don’t throw good money at it.”
I was thrilled Last week when I heard tonight’s theme. I called all my friends and told them we were having a Speech-A-Thong. And every one of them was excited…until they found out Al and I were speaking.
(Our trigger is a sound-alike which is followed with a tag using self-deprecation.)
Lorrie is an unusual member. When the meeting is over, unlike most of us who go home, Lori goes to her next meeting.
Would George please come to the lectern. Five years ago George and I competed in the District level International Speech Competition. In recognition of that event I have a special award to present…it reads, “George Gilbert beat John Kinde at the District 33 International Speech Contest.”
(I had taken an old award and covered the engraving with a sticker, to change the words. And I waited for the right time [two months] to give it to George.  A call-back and self-deprecation.)
Today my accountant notified me that I can finally afford a Starbucks coffee.  I can finally retire.
By the way my name is John (I waved my hand over my mouth so that the audience could not hear me say my name.) Actually, ever since I changed it, I like my name.  When I joined the military I changed my name to John. Before I changed it, my name was Latrine.
(Call-back. Name play. Self-deprecation.)
Arvin is wearing a muscle shirt. Actually, my shirt is a muscle shirt too…if Arvin was wearing it.
If the club board ever announced that I was a problem member of the club, I would encourage you to throw good money after me.
(Twist a cliché.)
 After my monologue, a member said: “I have a new announcement to make.”  The President asked: “A nude announcement?” I immediately called out: “Bring back the thong.”

(I don’t normally recommend just shouting out your humor.  That style of delivery gets old quick. But some jokes are worth the shout.  In this case, it got a huge laugh, and it was worth the risk. But I won’t do that again anytime soon. Maybe after 50 more monologues. However, in this case it made for perfect bookends for the monologue.)<