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Testing The Waters
How to know if an audience will be receptive before you speak.

The Ideal Audience Size
What is the best size audience for delivering humor?

Mid-Course Corrections with Humor and Comedy
Changing course in mid-stream when things aren’t going as expected.

Being Funny by Not Trying Too Hard
You’er funnier when you don’t insist that they laugh.

With Humor Less Is More
More on not trying too hard

Taking Your Humor To The Next Level
A dozen ways to improv your humor talents.

Opening a Speech With Humor
Thoughts on startig a speech with humor from John Kinde and Patricia Fripp.

Customized Humor to Make Your Programs Sparkle
Put on your humor hat to tune in to the humor around you at the speaking venue.

The Use of Timing to Make Your Humor Connect
Humor is more than just words. The timing of your delivery is critical.

Developing Original Humor for Your Talk
Most humor in the real-world setting is unplanned. It just happens.

A Well-Done Roast
How to prepare a Roast that will be a hit.

When they Don’t Laugh and Show Me The Funny
Two special reports come with your subscription to the free Humor Power Tips ezine.

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