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Stand-Up Comedy

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

The Power House Pros Second Annual Stand-Up Comedy Competition was held on November 30, 2015. Six brave and funny contestants took the challenge of being funny on stage. Congratulations to Elliott Chase, Andrea Grossen, Beverly Rideout, Joan Wang, JR Wilson, and Bill Parker.

In addition to the competitor presentations, we had comedy and tips delivered by five comedy coaches. Eric Culverson, George Gilbert, Al Jensen, Darren LaCroix, and Scott Pritchard.

And now, by the magic of video, you can drop in to the event and and enjoy the presentations.

Click here to view video

Special thanks to the contestants, the coaches, the Sgt at Arms JD Smith, the timer Jesse Oakley III, the Emcee Bill Brown, the Videographer/Editor Philip Dahlheimer, and the Facility Host Ryan Mulligan. And of course we thank the audience. Without you it would have just been a quiet rehearsal.

Stand-up Comedy Open Mic Contest

Friday, November 13th, 2015

The Second-Annual
Stand-Up Comedy Open Mic Contest
Sponsored by PowerHouse Pros

Don’t miss this fun night of laughter.
Monday, November 30, at 6:15 pm

Special Persentation: What Agents are Lookng for in a Comedian.

The location is 920 Pilot Road in Las Vegas.
Join us for an evening of fun. If you miss it…we will have the last laugh!

New Joke Contest — Expanded Books

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Our contest for October will be to expand our top-three book titles from last month’s contest.  The winning titles were:

Ninety Days to a Better Three Months
by Sandy Kampner

How To Fix Your Roof Using The Tree That Fell On It
by Cindy Tebo

Meatloaf Slicing To Wow Your Friends
by Marty Bernstein

Your challenge this month will be to create chapter headings for the
books. Here are some examples:

Ninety Days to a Better Three Months
Chapter One — The Grief Process. Saying Good Bye to the Previous
Three Months

How To Fix Your Roof Using The Tree That Fell On It
Chapter Three — Was it the Family Tree?

Meatloaf Slicing To Wow Your Friends
Chapter Fifty Eight — Selecting the Perfect Wine

You can submit multiple entries, but your first line submitted for each
book title will be the one judged for our Top-Three winning submissions.

Start thinking and writing. We look forward to receiving your entries
by October 15, 2015, sent to

Joke Contest Results — Simple or Complex

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Here are the September Joke Contest results. The theme is to create book titles which feature very simple or very complex subjects.  New joke contests are announced on the first of the month.

Our next contest will be announced on October 1.

Here are the top lines for this month’s contest selected by our panel of six judges (speakers and improv players).


Ninety Days to a Better Three Months
Sandy Kampner, Evergreen Park, Illinois


How To Fix Your Roof Using The Tree That Fell On It
Cindy Tebo, St Louis, Missouri


Meatloaf Slicing To Wow Your Friends
Marty Bernstein, Oak Park, Illinois

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

– Ventriloquism for Dummies
– Puppetry for Dummies
– Melon Balling Made Easy
– Why 2 1/2 Inch Toothpicks are Better Than 2 3/4 Inch Toothpicks
– Square or Round and How to Choose

– Memory Foam Mattresses and Impressions They Have Made
– Why, When and How to Trim Nose and Ear Hair
– How To Find the How To Books You Are Really Looking For
– 101 Delicious Recipes Using Office Supplies
– Find Your Perfect Mate in Sixty-three Easy Steps

– Who Knew There Are So Many Ways to Fold Napkins
– How to Never Again Be Caught Without Your Crayons
– Dill Pickles and Chewing Gum for Fun and Profit
– Las Vegas on 25 Cents Per Day
– Live Like a King on Your Own Charity Donations

– Smothering With An Air-Tight Alibi
– Separate Siamese Twins While Participating in a Presidential Debate
– Your Guide to Proper Shoelace Length
– How to Play Tic-Tac-Toe By Yourself
– The beginners guide to cutting paper in half

– No friends? Clone yourself
– How to can without canning using Tupperware
– Don’t be a baby; teaching kids to walk in three months
– How to peel off peel off stickers
– Eating for beginners

– Yes, you Can walk and talk at the same time
– Tupperware: the 12th wonder of the world
– Learn to hum along to pop songs when you don’t know the words
– Zipper in front: the pants primer
– Sorting socks the RIGHT way

– Jet engine repair for beginners
– The alphabet A to Z
– Twist off caps got you down? Learn the secret
– Nuclear reactors for kids
– How to get paid to laugh at comedy clubs

– Rebuild a Peterbilt tractor in your spare time for under $5000
– Keep Your Mouth Shut: The weight loss guide
– How to Write How to Books for Those Who Cannot Read
– How to Become Super Sensitive So All speech Offends You
– Training your cat to recite the Gettysburg Address

– Naming Your Doberman Pinschers Timex and Rolex so you can
Introduce them as Your Watchdogs
– Why Pluto has Been Abused by Scientists and Will it Come Back to
Bite Them
– An In Depth Analysis of the Evaluation Process of Awarding Humor
Power Joke Contest Winners (submitted for both simple and complex
caegories of jokes)
– How I Dramatically Improved My Life Watching Paint Dry and
Grass Grow
– Explaining the American Political System in 116 Steps–A Short Ten
Year Program

Teamwork In The Music Industry — Part Two

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Teamwork in the Music Industry–Part Two. Featuring Jorma Kaukonen, lead guitarist for the Jefferson Airplane, with Terry Wall.  In this interview, they talk about:

– Teamwork
– Micro Management
– Dreams and Creativity
– Dealing with Slackers.

Click here to read Part Two of this three-part series.

It Was So Humid…

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Talking to friends on two separate phone calls last month, I heard complaints about the high humidity.  The perfect opportunity for  a humor writing exercise:

It was so Humid….

It was so humid I took out the boat and water skied once around the block.

It was so humid when I went to check the mail box I did the back stroke.

It was so humid when I took a shower I didn’t need to turn on the water.

It was so humid I dried off when I got out of the pool and then again
before I went into the house.

It was so humid when I got thirsty I just took a deep breath and

It was so humid before I went to bed I threw a cup of Tide in the bed and in the morning my sheets were washed and rinsed.

It was so humid that my frost-free freezer gave me all the free frost I

It was so humid we had a huge rain storm and nobody but the cats and dogs even noticed.

It was so humid when the fish get hungry, they crawl out of the bowl and get their own lunch.

It was so humid I didn’t have to lick my stamps, I just waved them in the air.

Top Ten List

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

I miss David Letterman and his Top Ten Lists. If he were still making his nightly appearances, we would probably see something funnier than this:

Ten Things We’re Waiting for Trump to Say

“I didn’t say anything about John McCain. The creature on my head is a ventriloquist.”

“What I said was that McCain liked to serve greek sandwiches and that doesn’t make him a Gyro.”

“I called John McCain to tell him I was joking. He said that he prefers
jokes that weren’t shot down.”

“I may not have been in the military, but I have experience in combat.
Rosie scratched me with her fingernails and I pulled some of her hair

“I admit, I shot myself in he foot. I’m hoping that makes me a hero.
That was a joke. The hero part was just a joke.”

“I’d consider being a Vice Presidential nominee in 2016, if Palin doesn’t
take the slot.”

“I auditioned for Last Comic Standing. At the end of the pilot episode
the producer said: You’re Fired!”

“I had a humor writer on my staff. I’ve revised the job description to
include the word FUNNY.”

“My first choice for running mate would be Rosie…if only she’d kiss my
ring…which I carry in my back pocket.”

“I am the professional wrestler of politics.”

“They’re making a documentary about my campaign. Mission
Impossible…Trump for President. Should you accept this mission, your
party will self-destruct in 60 seconds.”

Political Humor

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

Trump in the spotlight. His statement about McCain: “He was a hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Trump’s problems were
– that he let his feud with McCain get the best of him,
– that he was trying too hard to be funny,
– that he was speaking before thinking,
– that he was ignoring the fact that when you get shot down, it’s less a case of wrong-place at the wrong-time, and it’s more a case of having volunteered to be in a place of danger.
– that he shot himself in the foot, which does not make him a hero.

Advice to politicians:
– Think before you speak.
– Don’t be a humor terrorist. Bombing will get you nowhere.
– Avoid the humor penalty box. Issuing an apology one hour later is not good politics.
– When you’re rich and famous, your opponents will be waiting in line to attack you.
– The harder you try to be funny, the less funny you’ll be. That’s a rule of the improv stage.
– Unless you have the gift of instantaneous humor, plan your spontaneous humor remarks in advance, written by a staff of humor experts more talented than you. Late-night talk-show hosts don’t wing it when giving their monologues. They are among the most talented humor experts in the country, and they rely on a team of professional writers to make them look good.
– Look for opportunities to poke fun at yoursself. Self-deprecating humor rarely needs an apology. Reagan had a reputation for good humor. Many of his memorable lines were self-deprecating. In a debate with Mondale he made fun of his age: “I will not make age an issue in this campaign. I will not exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.” When he was shot, his words to Nancy at the hotpital were: “Honey I fogot to duck.” Jokingly taking responsibility for getting hit. And to the doctors: “I hope you are all Republicans.” One of the most powerful leaders in the world, joking that the doctors had the power.
– Winging it may be fun and exciting, but it’s probably not the path to the White House.

PowerHouse Pros Roast

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Our PowerHouse Pros Toastmasters Roast was about two weeks ago. The edited video is now ready! Special thanks to Philip Dahlheimer for his video expertise in shooting and editing the program. The final edited program  runs one hour.   So bring you popcorn.

Carolyn Pelletier was a wonderful Roast Master. And our Roasters hit the mark: George Gilbert, Bill Parker, Melanie Hope, Ryan Mulligan, Jens Norgaard, Karen Lewison, Bobby Williams, Al Jensen, Beverly Rideout, Greg Bruce, Linda Evans, and Scott Pritchard.  It’s an honor to have such a great group of friends.   Thank you for a fun and memorable evening.

Click here to watch the Roast.

10 Ways to Know You Are Old

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

My Mother’s birthday was last month.   She will be 90.  She is a healthy and active 90.  It was a nice celebration and  a family gathering.  We scheduled entertainment for the party.  I opened with some humor, including a Top-Ten list.


10.  You know you are old…when the Pope is closer to your son’s age than he is to yours.

9.  You know you are old…when people who are in their 70s today are too young to recognize the names of movie stars, singers and comics who were popular when you were in high school.

8.  You know you are old…when you carry two gallons of water from the car into the house and it pulls the wrinkles out of your face.

7.  You know you are old…when people who were in their early 60s when you were born…are people who were alive the day Lincoln was assassinated.

6.  You know you are old…when your children are no longer considered middle-aged.

5. You know you are old…when you no longer gossip about your friend’s secrets, because you can’t remember them.

4.  You know you are old…when you refuse to use a cane because it will make you look old.

3.  Your know you are old…when your elderly son drives over to your house to tell you that YOU shouldn’t be driving.

2.  You’re know you are old…when they recall your La-Z-Boy chair so they can relable it a La-Z-Girl.

And the number one way you know you’re old…is when you HATE walking into your office because you can’t remember WHY you walked into your office.


Here are five lines I did not use.  There are some good lines here, but I tried to put lines in the top-ten list that had the greatest ring of truth.  Comic license would allow us to stretch the truth, but I lean toward sticking close to the truth when using customized material.

A.  You know you are old…when signing for a 30-year mortgage is considered a scam. (She has not signed a 30-year mortgage.)

B.  You know you are old…when you love cooking with wine and you don’t even need a glass. (She is not a drinker.  A fairly generic line, not exactly in line with a list of aging jokes.)

C  You know you are old…when people no longer think of you as a hypochondriac. (This one came close to making the top ten. She has never been considered a hypochondriac, but has been a “health nut” for decades.)

D.  You know you’re old…when your sons frequently talk about constipation, Medicare and other people’s operations.  (This is a good line. I have joked with friends about talking health issues more as we age.  A younger brother has had a hip replacement, and I need one.)

E.  You know you’re old…when you look up old in the dictionary and see your picture.  (Cliché.  An old joke.)