Resources & Favorite Links

Here is a list of resources to improve your humor and presentation skills.  Be aware that the success of your humor will be based on a solid foundation of platform skills.  Let me know if you find a resource that would be of interest to Humor Power Tips readers or if you find a listing that has changed or is no longer active.  This list will grow…stay tuned!

Featured Links

How to Write and Deliver a Dynamite Speech by a master of story telling, Doug Stevenson.  Story Telling, Humor Skills, and every detail or creating a dazzling speech.

Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business.  This learning system connects you with the most brilliant minds in the speaking industry.

The Business of Speaking — Live Teleseminars. 

Got Mirth — Using Humor in Speaking.  Audio program.  Advice from seasoned humor pro, Brad Montgomery.

**************** Books *******************  

Presentation Skills

Body Learning by Michael Gelb.  Insight into a technique which has taken scores of actors, performers and speakers to a higher level of performance skill.

You’ve Got to Be Believed to Be Heard by Bert Decker.

Be Heard Now! by Lee Glickstein.

What to Say When You’re Dying on the Platform by Lilly Walters.


Improv Comedy by Andy Goldberg

Truth In Comedy by Halpern, Close and Johnson

Improvisation for the Theater by Viola Spolin

Comedy Improvisation by Delton Horn

Improvisation for Actors and Writers by Bill Lynn

Improve with Improv by Brie Jones

Impro by Keith Johnstone

Improv! by Greg Atkins

Acting Games by Marsh Cassady

Musical Improv Comedy by Michael Pollock

Acting on Impulse by Carol Hazenfield

The Ultimate Improv Book by Edward Nevraumont

Improvise by Mick Napier

************* Humor Resources ****************      

A fun smile site with a test for detecting genuine or fake smiles.  Sample smiles are on video. 

 A terrific site which provides an index of editorial cartoons.  Wonderful source of funny thinking. 

Cartoon Caption Contest Sponsored by the New Yorker Magazine. A fun way to sharpen your humor writing skills.

The New Yorker Cartoon Anti-Caption Contest.  A site featuring captions that wouldn’t be submitted to the New Yorker contest.

Friday Funnies newsletter from a really funny guy, Dale Irvin.  Dale is famous for his quick wit and observational humor.  Write to

The Evolution of Dance, a fun six minute video by Judson Laipply.  It’s been widely circulated on the internet.  But if you haven’t seen it, you’ll enjoy it.  Best viewed with high-speed internet access.

Mid-Month Mirth Memo, by Allen Klein.  A short newsletter with Humor and tips to brighten your life.  Subscribe by e-mail to

A really funny parody of motivational posters.  Terrific.

Excellent articles on Happiness from The Happy Guy

A joke site to stimulate your thinking.  You can also post your own jokes.

Unusual stuff for sale.  Archie McPhee.  Need bandages that look like bacon strips?

From the UK, more unusual stuff for sale.  Hawkin’s Bazaar.  Visit .
One of their products is a cat-bullet gun called a Cat-A-Pult.

Some humorous insights about the world of stand-up comedy.  Comedy Club Diaries.

Angie Brennan’s humor web site and Blog.  She is the winner of our January 2007 humor contest.

Silly Billy Magic.  A great source of props and booklets on entertaining children.  Recommended for magicians and clowns.  May be of interest to teachers, church leaders, scout leaders, and others who work with kids.  His lecture notes have effective insights on the psychology of entertaining children.  Click on Magic Store.

Excellent humor site by Karyn Buxman.  Articles and ezine,

Humor Mall site focused on comedy and jokes.  
CAJUN RECIPE FOR HUMOR, Ezine.  Humorous insights and
a recipe for the kitchen!

World Laughter Tour Ezine.  Certified Laughter Leader program and workshop schedule.

Museum of Humor.  A humor resource for speaker, teachers, clergy. 

Catalogue of humor resources, books, tapes, etc.  The Humor Project.  One of the best available. 

Laugh Lab. An interesting Joke site from the UK.

Check out Darren LaCroix humor Ezine.  He is a Toastmasters
International world champion of public speaking. Resources for speakers.

Shakespearian insult finder.  Fun site.

The Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

A terrific humor site by Judy Carter.  Especially great for standup
comics.  Unique Comedy-Buddy-Finder feature.

A rich source or information on humor, speaking and professional
Speaking from Brad Montgomery.

Parody of an Airline Frequent Flyer program.  Fun site.
Deep Fun.  An interesting and rich source of humor and fun stuff:

Applied Improvisation Network.  A Blog featuring applied improv related topics, including information for the Applied Improvisation Conferences:  November 10-13, Baniff, Canada.

For resources and information on improvisational comedy visit:  A site with an extensive list of improv games.  The New Improv Page, extensive list of improv resources.
Ezine — Instructional Moments.  Practical applications of Improv
Theater Techniques. Published by Izzy Gesell.

A parody of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar from balloon artist S. Frank Stringham.  Yes, the models are wearing balloons.  Tastefully done.  Different. 

Four-Week Master Course:
Adding Humor to Your Speech
Also 12-week Courses:
Master Course in Joke Writing
Master Course in Humorous Article Writing
By Gene Perret
write to:

Steve Bridges and the real George W. Bush speaking side by side and related article.

Bush and Clinton impersonator Frank Caliendo on the Tonight Show and related article.

An amazing video by French mime Jerome Murat and related article.

A fun video by juggler Chris Bliss and related article.

****** Speaking and Communication Resources *********

Communications expert Bert Decker.  Excellent web site.

Check out Patricia Fripp’s website for great articles.

For a source of articles on Professional Speaking check out:

Better Conversations is a wonderful Ezine for strengthening your conversation skills.  Good delivery from the platform is like good conversation.  When you deliver your humorous and serious points with a one-on-one connection, you in fact connect with the entire audience.

Check out Richard Lederer’s site for resources on communication and

WordSmith.  A fun anagram tool.  Look for funny connections as you create your own anagrams.

A rich source of humor and communication articles by Craig

Magician’s Ezine.  Excellent.  Check out The Magic Roadshow
newsletter.  A great resource for thinking outside-the-box.

For information on National Speakers Association chapters near you.

Toastmasters International, communication and leadership program.
Call TMI HQ at (949) 858-8255.

National Storytelling Network.  This is a resource for books, tapes and other materials to make you a more powerful storyteller.

Master story telling coach, Doug Stevenson.  Check out his
newsletter and blog.  Highly recommended.

A resource for sharpening your platform and business skills as a
professional speaker.  Monday Morning Mindfulness.  Ezine by
coach Sandra Schrift.

Eloquent Insights.  Excellent resources for speakers.

Speaker Net News, a terrific weekly Ezine packed with useful ideas on becoming a powerful speaker and the on the world of professional speaking.  Also an excellent source of teleseminars and learning CDs.

****** Writing Resources ****************

An excellent resource for better writing.  The Fabulist Flash is a
weekly Ezine filled with inspiration and tips for writers including
writing techniques and information on newsletters, websites, and
resources helpful to writers.

A side dedicated to finding new words and phrases finding their
way into the English language.

Excess Voice, a newsletter about writing online.  Can help you
increase your effectiveness with words.

A fun site which gives you the origin of idioms.  Could brighten
your talks or stimulate you to create your own idiom meanings.

An Ezine by Karen Kanakanui to help you become more effective with
Ezine from Ann Wylie to improve your writing, publications and
online skills.  Good writing is essential for descriptive
storytelling and concise humor writing.  Although the focus of the
newsletter is not humor, solid writing skills are an essential part
of your humor tool box.

****** Success/Motivational/Inspirational **********

 Check out this new Self-Growth website.

The Super Second Life focuses on living longer and living well.  Filled with resources and inspiration.

Fred Gleeck’s Insights.  Interesting, useful and fun ideas, concepts and rants for everyone involved with the creation, marketing and selling of information of any kind. Highly recommended.

You’ll want to check out Steve Pavlina’s site.  He’s a brilliant
thinker who writes extensively on self-improvement skills.
Definitely take a look at his blog and web site.

Heart of Business Ezine.  Full of creative thinking, inspiring
stories, and practical steps on how to make your business
profitable and make a difference.

The Achievement Digest, by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.  An excellent
motivational Ezine which could stimulate ideas for your next talk.
More Clients, an Ezine to help independent professionals describe
their services in a way that attracts clients.

Finding stories that inspire the workplace.

****** Resources For Starting Your Own Ezine **********
Thinking of starting your own Ezine?  Here’s a link to the place that hosts my newsletter.  I highly recommend them.  Unlimited autoresponders.  Friendly customer service.  Easy to use.  Reasonably priced.

****** South West USA Resources *******************       

San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Sports is a top-notch improv theatre
group.  Call the ticket information line at (415) 474-8935.  Also
check out their summer workshop lineup.

Laugh Lovers – The Cantu Comedy Club Toastmasters.  Oakland, CA.
Humorists from around the world are welcome to join Laugh Lovers each month.  If you are a visiting humorist, they will even build a program around you.
San Jose Comedy Sportz, a great improv troupe.      

Advanced Comedy Workshop.  A continuing class, three times a month, in the Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles NSA Chapter meetings are normally on the second
Saturday of the month.

San Francisco NSA chapter meetings, normally five times a year,
first Saturday, odd months.

San Diego NSA Chapter.  Frequent educational events. 
****** Las Vegas Resources **********************

The Las Vegas Improv Comedy Workshop meets every Thursday
night. We have a talented group of improvisers looking forward
to an exciting year of workshops and shows. Our Thursday night
workshops are from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

Las Vegas, the NSA’s newest chapter.  Upcoming meetings are normally the third Saturday of the month, but dates vary. Register for meetings at  Email:

Open Mike Night, Sundays at 8:00 pm, Open Mike Comedy night at
Boomers, 3200 Sirius Avenue, Las Vegas.   A chance to take the
stage yourself!  702-368-1863

Open Mike Night, Last Saturday of the month, Cozys Comedy at
Tommy Rockers, 4275 Industrial Road, Las Vegas.  702-261-6688

Are you visiting Las Vegas?  Would you like to know what shows to
see or where to eat?