Welcome to the Humor Power Blog

The Humor Power blog and website will give you skills for better thinking, better speaking and better living.  A sense of humor is not about telling jokes, it’s a way of looking at life.  This humor site is not about the jokes, it’s about giving you life-skills that will empower your success.

 1.  Better Thinking.  Humor is perspective.  It’s about connecting concepts and ideas which are often considered unrelated.  Focus your humor radar and you’ll develop a thinking style better suited for coping with daily challenges.  Positive humor increases optimism.

2.  Better Speaking.  Humor is one of a speaker’s most valuable tools.  It helps keep the attention of the audience.  It increases likeability.  It drives home key points and sells your ideas.  It makes your message memorable.

 3.  Better Living.  By honing your sense of humor you become a better leader.  Your relationships are strengthened because people love to be around others who make them laugh.  Humor is essential for success and happiness at work and home.

4.  Contests.  On the 1st of each month, we will sponsor a new humor writing contest.  You’ll submit your entries by the 15th.  We’ll post the contest results and analysis to the blog on the 20th.  This will provide you a valuable learning tool, stimulate your creativity and tickle your funny-bone.

 5.  Articles.  For featured humor articles visit: www.humorpower.com/articles_free.html.